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Cooperative Master of Divinity Program

Hartford Seminary has cooperative agreements with Andover Newton Theological School (ANTS) and Yale Divinity School (YDS) that allow qualified Master of Arts (M.A.) students to begin their studies at Hartford Seminary and, if accepted, to proceed to either of the cooperating seminaries to pursue a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. These cooperative agreements allow students to transfer up to 45 credits of course work to ANTS and up to 36 credits of course work to YDS.

The specific policies and procedures governing the cooperative Master of Divinity program are covered in detail in a document called Procedures for Students in Hartford Seminary’s Cooperative Master of Divinity Program available from the Student Forms Center on the 2nd floor of the 77 Sherman Street building or online from the Seminary’s website.  Questions may be directed to the Seminary Academic Advisor or the Director of Educational Services.  It is very important that students choosing to proceed with this option obtain this document at the beginning of their studies at Hartford Seminary and consult with their faculty advisor carefully when selecting courses at Hartford Seminary.

In general, any student choosing to pursue the Cooperative Master of Divinity Program option needs to be aware of the following:

  • Before making application to either ANTS or YDS through the Cooperative Program, the student must be an M.A. student in good standing and must have completed at least 24 credits at Hartford Seminary. At least 15 of the 24 credits must have been earned in courses taught by core faculty.
  • The student who has established eligibility in this manner may then apply to Hartford Seminary’s  “Cooperative M.Div. Committee” for its endorsement before applying to ANTS and/or YDS as a Hartford Seminary Cooperative Program applicant.
  • For students intending to matriculate to YDS, be aware that YDS will not transfer in week-long intensive courses taken at Hartford Seminary during the Janurary or June terms. Similarly, YDS will not transfer in any courses taken exclusively online. This affects only courses taken after September 2007.

Application and Admission

The application and admission processes for the Cooperative Master of Divinity program are the same processes that apply to application, admission and financial aid for the Master of Arts program at Hartford Seminary. Please see the Master of Arts Program - Application and Admission section of the Catalogue for complete information.

Tuition Costs, Fees, and Financial Aid

See Master of Arts Program - Tuition Costs and Fees.  The tuition, fees, and payment options detailed in this section apply to all students enrolled in the Cooperative Master of Divinity Program option at Hartford Seminary.

Academic Policies for the Cooperative Master of Divinity Program

The only policy that is specific to Cooperative Master of Divinity program is below.  Cooperative Master of Divinity students should follow the Academic Policies for the Master of Arts program.  Please also see the Academic Policies for Graduate Programs in this Catalogue.

On-Campus Classroom Requirement

Students enrolled in the Cooperative M.Div. Program should plan to take all of the courses that make up the Hartford Seminary segment of their degrees in the classroom on the Hartford Seminary campus.  Occasionally it will be appropriate for students in this program to consider courses taught in other formats, e.g., off-site courses, on-line courses, travel seminars, independent study.  When appropriate, the student should discuss the merits of these alternatives with his/her Hartford Seminary advisor.  The advisor’s approval is required.


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