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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, Part I   (LG-570)
Fall 2009

This course is the first half of an introduction to the basic grammar and vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew. Upon completion of Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I and II students will have learned enough Hebrew grammar and vocabulary to read and translate biblical prose texts with some help of a lexicon and to deepen their understanding of biblical texts. No prior work or knowledge in Hebrew is required for this course, Biblical Hebrew I.


Meeting Day, Time and Dates: 
Mondays from 4:30 p.m. to 6:50 p.m., beginning Sept. 14

Uriah Kim
Professor of Hebrew Bible

Contact Information:
(860) 509-9564


Course Syllabus

I want to try something new this year. Instead of using one method (either deductive or inductive), I want to use both. I’ll let the students decide whether they are up to it. This requires using two textbooks instead of one. I’ll explain more on the first day of class. The following syllabus is based on one method/textbook (deductive). Please go over Chapter 1 in Seow’s A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew and memorize the Hebrew alphabet for the first class.

Requirements & Grades:

  1. Students are expected to attend all class sessions and to participate actively in class (20% toward the final grade).
  2. Two exams (each exam will be counted as 20% of the course grade)
  3. 10 graded homework (20% of the course grade)
  4. 10 quizzes (20% of the course grade)

Required Books
1 C. L. Seow, A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew [The Hartford Seminary bookstore might have few copies. Please check the bookstore first before deciding to purchase it somewhere else.]

2 Bonnie Kittel, Vicki Hoffer, and Rebecca Wright, Biblical Hebrew: A Text and Workbook [Please wait until the first meeting before purchasing a copy for this class.]

3 The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew English Lexicon (also known as BDB; students can wait until the middle of the semester to purchase a copy; the bookstore should have few copies.)

4 Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (also known as BHS)

Class Schedule

1. September 14 Lesson I
1 Quiz 1
Homework: Memorize the Hebrew alphabet; Exercise a & b

2. September 21 Lesson II [Eid Al Fitr ; we need to meet at a different time if any student needs to observe this holiday]
2 Quiz 2
Homework: Exercise a & b

3. September 28 Lesson III [Yom Kippur ; we need to meet at a different time if any student needs to observe this holiday]
3 Quiz 3
Homework: Exercise a & b

4. October 5 Lesson IV
4 Quiz 4
Homework: Exercise b & c

5. October 12 Lesson V
Exam I
Homework: Exercise a & b

6. October 19 Lesson VI & VII
Homework: Exercise VI, a & b, and VII, a & b

7. October 26 Lesson VIII [we need to meet at a different time due to the professor’s speaking engagement]
5 Quiz 5
Homework: Exercise a, b, c, & d

8. November 2 Lesson IX
6 Quiz 6
Homework: Exercise a, c, & d

9. November 9 Lesson X
7 Quiz 7
Homework: Exercise a & b

10. November 16 Lesson XI
8 Quiz 8
Homework: Exercise a & b

11. November 23 No Class [Thanksgiving Break]

12. November 30 Lesson XII

9 Quiz 9
Homework: Exercise a, b, & c

13. December 7 Lesson XIII
10 Quiz 10
Homework: Exercise a & b

14. December 14 Lesson XIV
Exam II
Homework: Exercise a, b, & c

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